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celebrating world menopause day 2018

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Menopause can start as young as 38 and last to as late as 60 years old! Join us for a full day of comprehensive workshops. Discover today’s innovative solutions with conventional and alternative options with experienced professionals.




Shawna Randolph  Shawna Randolph: Shawna is best known in Alberta as a popular television news journalist.  Most recently, she was co-host of CTV-2’s Alberta Primetime (2013-2018), a daily province-wide current events news magazine show. She is also well known for her time with CTV Edmonton (1991-2001), most notably as the station’s prime news anchor.


A Journey Through Hormonal Changes & Spiritual Awakening

Today’s women are embracing their transition to menopause differently from their mothers and grandmothers. Women in their fifties and sixties are finding that this is a time of self discovery, as they waken to their strengths and the power they hold to transform their bodies and minds on a deeper level.

Dr. Stacey Richards Dr. Stacey Richards, ND of SMRT Health recently voted Best ND of Edmonton




Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause Symptoms and Long-Term Health 

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the treatment of hormone deficiencies brought on by aging. It involves replacing hormones with ones that are identical to the hormones produced naturally within the human body.  During this short session, Susan will provide an overview of the new approach to management of menopause symptoms and long-term health with BHRT.

Susan Prendergast Susan Prendergast NP PhD(C) is the Clinical Director and Nurse Practitioner at Ellithia Healthcare.




Non-Surgical Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

Ron BrownDr. Ron Brown is a medical director leading the True Balance team. Specializing as a OBGYN, he has been part of a group practice at the Grey Nuns Hospital. In 2000, he opened Laser Elegance for You as Medical Director – the organization is now known as True Balance. Board certification in Functional and Regenerative Medicine through The American Academy of Anti-Aging, led to Doctor Brown’s primary interest in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In 2007, Dr. Brown started BHRT at True Balance. He has retired from practising obstetrics, and focuses on gynecology, women’s health and wellness.

Sharp is the New Sexy: Keeping Your Mental Edge After Fifty

Jennifer FookesJennifer Fookes: Establishing her first wholly-owned natural pharmacy and compounding centre in Red Deer, Alberta – Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy – is an innovative concept that brings together Jenn’s love of optimal hormone health, natural and plant-based approaches to treatment and traditional pharmaceutical compounding



Menopause: Sexy Body Secrets For Sexual Energy (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy)

Traci BelykTraci Belyk, will introduce you to “Violet The Vulva” and numerous ways in which you can use your body’s abilities and energy to improve your sexual function and satisfaction.  Knowledge is pleasure and power.  Traci is a registered nurse and pelvic health physiotherapist with CURA Physical Therapies



Nourishment Through The Changes

Nourishment Through Change provides tools to improve both quality and quantity of life! This session will focus on eating to increase energy, improve mood, and decrease risk of disease.

Allison EastonAllison Easton, RD (Registered Dietician): With over 20 years of experience working as a dietician, Allison has enjoyed most notably acute care and public health. Her ultimate aim of working in private practice, led her to the amazing team at Revive Wellness!



Navigating Emotions During Changing Times

Discover how to feel without becoming overwhelmed by emotions; how to use mindfulness as a tool to engage with emotional experiences; and how to change the ways in which we make sense out of our feelings.

Jennifer SummerfeldtJennifer Summerfeldt: holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) and a Certified Trauma-Recovery Counsellor (CTRC).




Global Menopause Day: Joining the Conversation and How. Canadian Women are Taking Back Control

All women understand aging is a natural process of life. Aging well is an integrated process of body, mind and soul. Each part plays an important role in how well the other parts function as we age. Today worldwide women are setting a new standard of how we go through menopause.

Anita DyrbyeAnita Dyrbye: CEO of From The Earth Naturally Ltd. and The Menomission,® is host and founder of the Edmonton Menopause day conference. Anita is on a mission on behalf of all women – including herself – going through menopause.My Mother’s Closet; The



Evolution of Woman of the 40

Lorene RileyLorene Riley: Journey back to a time in the evolution of fashion, when women truly enjoyed expressing themselves through fashion. Exploding with oohs and aahs of excitement, this regularly sold-out fashion show will entice and inspire you. Loreen’s passion for vintage clothing evolved when she discovered the secrets in her mother’s closet. Loreen has collected original vintage clothing both locally and internationally. Come and see her amazing 1940’s collection of outfits!

Brought to you through a unique collaboration of Alberta businesses whose primary focus is to support women

Eventbrite: Celebrate World Menopause Day Tickets






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