Anita’s Story

Do you care what’s inside that pill you’re putting into your mouth? I certainly do because I fiercely believe we all have the right to authentic, clean, safe, natural products that we can trust for managing our health and well-being.

With the 22 years of experience in the herbal industry, I gathered a team of renowned scientists and naturopathic doctors, people of integrity, accountability, and determination. We set to work to create something unique and natural, a clean product line that is not over processed or contain fillers or colours and that works.

My team and I have demonstrated our commitment with ten years of hard work, research and relentless attention to detail, because that’s what it takes to build a natural health product using only Canadian grown botanicals and manufacture with rigorous quality controls in place with traceability.

We refused to take shortcuts that risk compromising safety and quality, and we’ve achieved it, I’m proud to bring you our line of VIVACA® products.

Mission & Values

It takes a community of like-minded people to make a quality natural health product that consumers can trust and that is made with 100% authentic natural botanicals containing medicinal components; with the finished product that comes in a liquid form so that it’s more bioavailable and effective.

A quality product starts with clean, healthy raw botanicals. A committed community of local growers who understand the agronomy of their plants and control every aspect of the growing and harvesting of these botanicals. Natural and organic growers who grow ethically and with care for their families and yours.

Product Development

Our team of independent botanical scientists, microbiologists, naturopathic doctors, local agricultural government scientists, local research facilities, and independent consultants who have all participated in this project over ten years to develop a gentle extraction and purification process incorporating old methodologies with new technology that doesn’t degrade actives or produce unwanted artifacts (odors, colour etc.) for superior natural health products.

From the Earth Naturally Value Chain

Our value-chain consists of a community of experts in their fields working together to produce quality products to meet the expectations of today’s informed consumers for natural health products the can trust that are ethically and safely produced that work.