VIVACA Proudly Presenting at the Fabulous@50’s Edmonton Event!

Ladies in and around the Edmonton area, mark your calanders!

We are thrilled to announce our VIVACA product launch at the Fabulous@50’s Martini Party on November 7th at the River Cree In Edmonton.  Any you’re invited to come!

This is an exciting time for all women to get into their ‘hot’ little hands a non-hormonal natural health product to help cool those night sweats, hot flushes and calm the mood swings!   Built by our team of ethical, responsible, caring doctors, scientists, herb growers and of course me, Anita Dyrbye!

The first five women to contact me at will get two free tickets to come to this incredible and fun event!

More to come soon!  Check out the event at:  Fabulous@50’s Martini Party

Oh, so exciting!!!

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Anita Dyrbye is the CEO and Co-Founder of From the Earth Naturally, Menomission a mature women's health portal, & VIVACA. I am passionate about my mission because I fiercely believe we all have the right to authentic, clean safe natural products that we can trust. I have demonstrated my commitment with nine years of hard work and relentless attention to detail because that's what it takes to build a natural health product using only Canadian-grown botanicals and manufacturing with vigours quality controls right here in Alberta.

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