Let’s Talk About Menopause

Menopause is a normal rite of passage that all women go through. Much like puberty but in reverse. For girls during puberty, hormones such as estrogen increases and menses begins. At menopause, estrogen hormones decrease, and the menstrual cycle stops.

There are three stages of menopause:

First: Peri-menopause that can start as young as 38 and last between a couple of months to an average of 4 years to as many as 10.

Second: Menopause, when the menstrual cycle stops for 12 consecutive months.

Third: Post menopause starts after the 12 months with no menstrual cycle, and your body acclimatizes to the reduction of hormones with reduced symptoms. If you’re experiencing menopause, you’re not alone; there are 4.2 million Canadian women in full menopause and 4.5 million in the USA. By 2030, 10% of the world’s population will be women in menopause.

Each woman’s experience of going through menopause is unique, and not all women suffer severe symptoms. It is generally accepted that Menopause requires a lifestyle change including diet and exercise in addition to the importance of how our attitudes towards aging can affect how well you go through menopause. Today’s maturing women are actively seeking natural alternatives in dealing with problematic symptoms of menopause such as forgetfulness, extreme mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes which is why we got to work and developing VIVACA® For Menopause.

Our Non-Hormonal Solution

We wanted women like ourselves who believe that natural is best, to have good choices for managing their menopause. VIVACA® gives our bodies a chance to acclimate to the decline in hormones naturally. We love ourselves and try to take care of ourselves even when it’s hard. We built this product to help out. It’s not an easy product, you have to drink it every day for as long as you need it, but it works! VIVACA is an effective non-hormonal natural health supplement you drink. Each bottle contains a single daily dose specially formulated to help relieve symptoms associated with menopause. This product is an excellent way to help support women with or without the use of hormone therapy. According to Dr. Lara Armstrong, Naturopathic Doctor, VIVACA® helps support the adrenal glands.

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