The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Want a powerful way to show her your love and care for her well-being?

We all want to give mom something for mother’s day that we think she’d like such as gifts to help keep her organized, to clean, cook or perhaps some perfume?  How about giving her something truly meaningful?  Show her how much you care for her well-being through every stage of her life including menopause.  Gifting her with VIVACA for menopause to help her mind, body and spirit shows that you honour her as a woman by acknowledging and supporting this natural rite of passage.  Love is that powerful.

Contact Anita at to get your coupon for a 36 day VIVACA support program!  Program includes 6 boxes of VIVACA, a information booklet about menopause and a sign up for the daily affirmation/education support program.

Packages available at Vitality Health Foods in Capilano Edmonton and Londonderry Mall.  Cheeky Coutures Boutique in Red Deer and with Sports Check Muscle products (Shelley Rhimes) in Airdrie Alberta. 

Written by:

Anita Dyrbye is the CEO and Co-Founder of From the Earth Naturally, Menomission a mature women's health portal, & VIVACA. I am passionate about my mission because I fiercely believe we all have the right to authentic, clean safe natural products that we can trust. I have demonstrated my commitment with nine years of hard work and relentless attention to detail because that's what it takes to build a natural health product using only Canadian-grown botanicals and manufacturing with vigours quality controls right here in Alberta.

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