The Menopause Team headed to Cheeky Coutures Boutique in Red Deer Alberta!

Cheeky Coutures Boutique located in Red Deer Alberta is one of the few remaining individualized serviced based stores empowering women through fashion.  The owner Michele Bilsborrow is ‘old school’ service which means you get ‘one on one’ fashion support by women who not only understand  fashion but spend time listening to your needs!  I further love the fact that Michele and her staff are closer to my own age and therefore understand first hand how our bodies change as we age which of course affects the styles of clothing we choose to wear.  The ‘Cheeky’ staff  have the tools, “provide great tips, know all the tricks to dress for who you are, and your lifestyle, your body type and your fashion personality.”   Women often just go there to ‘hang-out’ talking with the fun and uplifting staff!

Recently Michele contacted me and said that many of the her customers (including her staff) talk about menopause so she would like to offer these women more than just fashion but also products that will support their menopause, an area of expertise for us.  Now the VIVACA team and Cheeky Coutures have partnered up for MENOPAUSE.

We will be adding to Cheeky Coutures supportive approach by bringing the “hot topic” of menopause to the store this Thursday from 12-4 and Friday 10-4 p.m.  So if your interested in not only checking out the awesome spring fashions  you’ll also have an opportunity to talk about your menopause with Anita Dyrbye, Menopause coach and CEO of From The Earth Naturally Ltd.

For more information

Cheeky Coutures Boutique  300, 80 Donlevy Avenue, Red Deer, AB Phone: 587-273-4438

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Anita Dyrbye is the CEO and Co-Founder of From the Earth Naturally, Menomission a mature women's health portal, & VIVACA. I am passionate about my mission because I fiercely believe we all have the right to authentic, clean safe natural products that we can trust. I have demonstrated my commitment with nine years of hard work and relentless attention to detail because that's what it takes to build a natural health product using only Canadian-grown botanicals and manufacturing with vigours quality controls right here in Alberta.

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