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January 2017  Praise God, My menopause,  by Darci.

Darci’s hot flushes and night sweats were taking over her life not to mention being forgetful became the norm until she took action!  VIVACA gave Darci her life back and some additional surprise benefits she didn’t expect.  Hear it for yourself from Darci.

VIVACA Testimonial Feb 4th 2016


I live in Edmonton, Alberta and have recently discovered your product.  I have always struggled with hormonal issues as well as heavy periods.  The emotional issues of PMS were so bad that I would plan my schedule around my cycle.  I tried so many different herbal remedies, but none of them really ever gave me relief.  I knew that once I was in perimenopause it could be very challenging, but hoped that I would be one of those who would sail through it.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  It hit hard and I was desperate to find something that would help.  I heard about VIVACA on a news story and decided to check it out.  Since I began taking VIVACA, I have noticed a big difference in the severity of my symptoms, especially the night sweats. There were a couple of days that I didn’t drink it, thinking that perhaps my body had adjusted to the change in hormones and would be ok without it.  But those few nights were filled with really long and intense night sweats.  I have also noticed that my mood is much lighter since taking VIVACA, and I sleep more deeply.  The liquid formula certainly must absorb better because there was no pill that ever helped like this product does. Through lots of research I am learning more about perimenopause and how I can help my body be its best through this phase of my life. I am so thankful for this product and for that day when I made the decision to find out more about VIVACA.

Naomi Voss



I first went on the VIVACA® product as part of a 3-month trial. The symptoms I was feeling before taking this product included:

Daytime Tiredness
Poor, Interrupted Sleep
Extreme Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
Low Energy Level

The product does not provide immediate relief of Menopause symptoms. After a few weeks the first thing I noticed was that I had more energy. I soon noticed that I was also less irritable and slept much better than I had in a very long time. The biggest and best improvement was a huge difference in the number of hot flashes I was experiencing, especially at night, when I would have numerous and quite extreme night sweats, one after the other.

As part of this trial, I was then instructed to go off the VIVACA® after the 3-months were completed so that I could more clearly experience the true benefits, as the relief obtained is gradual.

After approximately 3 weeks, all of the old symptoms returned. I have now been back on VIVACA® for approximately 7 months. Again, I am experiencing the same relief as I did while I was on the 3-month trial. This product does not completely eliminate the symptoms of Menopause, but for me, they have been greatly reduced, which makes my life more manageable. I still have a few hot flashes during the day as well as night sweats, but the duration and intensity is greatly diminished.


Pat Meisner

Dear Anita,

I recently went for my routine exam with my gynecologist and mentioned about your product, but the doctor was kind of reluctant to hear what it was all about. She said all of them work. I told her that was not the case with me…..that only VIVACA® works for me….and that I had tried many other products before, and nothing worked for me. Anyway, I left a brochure with her.

Dolores Cuevas , New York City



IMGP5325Jodie Leslie is another woman who has opted to give VIVACA® a try over a twelve-week period.  She shares her thoughts about our product and the results that she has experienced.

Who is she?   Well Jodie Leslie is an amazingly talented singer songwriter.  In her voice you will hear echo’s of Ann Wilson, Annie Lennox, Jewel and Bonnie Rait.  She’s performed for audiences of up to 40,000 and has opened for Bryan Adams, Gino Vanelli, Allanah Myles, Trooper, Lee Aaron, Harlequin and Honeymoon Suite! (We are SO proud of her! )

She honors us with her talent!  Jodie wrote one of the most powerful and meaningful songs you will ever hear, called “Never Too Late”, (Beauty) It is available on her latest album “Littlethings” and reflects on how aging is truly a new beginning and not an ending in a woman’s life.  Jodie shares her love and her voice with all of us!  We are proud to claim this as our theme song!  see more at:   http://menopausemission.com/jodie-leslie

Tell us what you think of Jodie’s journey while taking VIVACA® and her amazing and inspirational new song!

A Husbands Testimonial:

Brian’s wife has been on VIVACA and they both have experienced a difference!