What’s so different about VIVACA®  We’ve brought back the ‘Natural’ in Natural health products.

VIVACA® is the first Non-Hormonal, full-spectrum botanical liquid concentrate formulation of its kind that’s consumed in a beverage form.

VIVACA® has not been over processed; the authentic lab proven botanicals are made using a combination of an ancient methodology combined with modern technology to produce a superior product. We believe in sustainability, VIVACA® is made by a Canadian community from field to shelf.


VIVACA® Each box comes in three natural flavour choices: Lime, Mint and lavender (tastes like a herbal iced tea)

  • 30-DAY SUPPLY (5 boxes of the above and includes a Menopause Booklet)
  • 90-DAY SUPPLY (15 boxes 6 pack boxes, a Menopause Booklet and Menopause Journal)
  • 90-DAY SELF HELP KIT (Kit includes, 15 boxes of VIVACA, 1-electronic hot flush counter, 1- menopause journal, 1-menopause info booklet, 1-reusable water bottle).

The NEW 90-Day SELF HELP Kit is designed to empower women to take control of their menopause by being pro-active.  The SELF HELP KIT provides important easy use tools that women can utilize to discover more about their bodies, triggers and how their life-style can affect symptoms. The KIT also provides women with the option to use these tools to work more effectively along side with their healthcare practitioner. (The kit comes with the above listed items.)

Additional Product Support:

VIVACA® consumers are able to signup online for the daily Menopause affirmation, information and support program. Each day consumers receive not only an affirmation and information about menopause they also have access to a naturopathic doctor and menopause coach for additional support. This program requires a sign-up with an email.





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