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Anita shares her own personal journey through menopause, and what motivated her to make a non-hormonal natural health product for herself and for all women. A nine-year journey in building not only a North American made product, but to lead an industry by using a value-chain from North American growers to finished product.

Anita has been on a mission to not only to provide women with support and information about natural menopause but also by providing an innovative authentic, clean, safe, natural health supplement women and Health Care Practitioners have been waiting for.


Archive for August, 2013

Black Cohosh Adulteration. What you should know

Issues of Black cohosh adulteration in products Since the beginning of our journey in building VIVACA® we strongly believed (and still do) the only option for us to build VIVACA® properly is to ensure herb quality and authenticity and the only way to do that is to have North American growers produce […]

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