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Anita shares her own personal journey through menopause, and what motivated her to make a non-hormonal natural health product for herself and for all women. A nine-year journey in building not only a North American made product, but to lead an industry by using a value-chain from North American growers to finished product.

Anita has been on a mission to not only to provide women with support and information about natural menopause but also by providing an innovative authentic, clean, safe, natural health supplement women and Health Care Practitioners have been waiting for.


Archive for June, 2013

Hormone Pandemonium – From Puberty to Menopause, which is harder?

Many of us at 50 plus are either just starting to enter into perimenopause or just swinging right into full menopause. A natural rite of passage all women will go through because that’s how Mother Nature built women. It’s a time of great reflection, self-evaluation, endings and new beginnings. There […]

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Tips for men whose spouses are going through (peri)menopause

Dear men (spouses), If your female spouse is entering perimenopause it can be a confusing and sometimes upsetting time for both of you. It can start out with little things such as: she’s forgetful has trouble sleeping is overly irritable she gets hot, cold, and/or tired seems more stressed less […]

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