Q & A

How much do I take?

We recommended to consume one bottle of VIVACA® per-day

How long do I take VIVACA®?

Because every woman is unique, we suggest to consume VIVACA® for no less than twelve consecutive weeks. Then if you stop you can gauge your level of symptoms and decide whether or not you need to continue treatment.

How soon will I feel the difference?

As with most natural health supplements, results are not immediate. It is estimated to take up to 12 weeks to note the difference in menopausal symptoms. Any natural health product has instant results could possibly be adulterated.

What is the stuff that floats to the bottom of the glass of VIVACA® in the water?

Just like the pulp in orange juice when it sits for a few minutes the pulp falls to the bottom of the glass and by simply shaking or gently mixing it blends back together again. Because we don’t filter all the good stuff out of the botanical extracts when we make the product, we maintain some precipitate. It is important to keep this precipitate in because it contains many of the important bioactive components. When it floats to the bottom of the water (falls out of suspension) simply shake or mix just like the orange juice and it blends right back in.

What is an NPN number and why is it important?

All approved natural health product is sold in Canada must have an NPN number. An NPN number is granted only when the product meets all the regulatory standards by the Canadian Natural Health Product Directorate of Canada, (an arm of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency similar to the US FDA) for safety and efficacy. Consumers should always look for the NPN number on the label when purchasing a Canadian Natural health product to ensure you have a quality product.